Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer "Vacation" Days 1, 2, and 3

While there are many folks who believe that teachers actually have "time off" during the summer months, I am always incredibly busy. 

So, this summer, I plan to document what I accomplish each day.

I counted Saturday as the first day of my summer vacation.  On Saturday, MIL and I arose early so that we could venture into Memphis.  Our plan was to do a little shopping, some recycling and pick up a quilt. 
When the students at school cleaned out their lockers, we saved everything.  Well, almost everything.  I had boxes of all types of school supplies that were saved for next year's needy students.  I also had 4 large boxes of damaged binders.  There were close to 100 binders.  Staples has partnered with Terracycle to recycle these binders.  Our nearest Staples is in Memphis, so I took the binders there.  I also purchased an "easy" button to use in class next year!  It will partner nicely with the "no" button from this year.

Mom and I then went to have lunch at Panera Bread, and with our new myPanera cards, earned a free pastry! Lunch was wonderful, and the pastry was a nice treat for that night.

We ventured back to Oakland, where my LongArm Quilter lives.  She finished quilting the wedding quilt for Robert and Isabel.  It looks fantastic and now all I have to do is bind it.

That evening, we had dinner with friends at our local steak house.  Wonderful time, wonderful company, wonderful meal!

On my second day of summer vacation, I went to Church, taught a Sunday School lesson on The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, visited my mother (an amazingly short visit due to the fact that we arrived 15 minutes before her smoke break!).  It was no major problem, as we had a mystery date with Vince that evening.

Last night we went to a Jackson Generals baseball game!  It was great fun even though the Generals played badly until the 7th inning. They did really well, but did not manage to catch up.

Today, Monday, my third day of summer vacation was another busy one.  I carted all of the Terracycle recycling packages up to Jackson to the UPS store.  I shipped off over 100 pounds of trash.  WHEW!  Glad to have that gone.  We did a little shopping at the Goodwill store, had lunch and then visited Lowes.  I have a few projects I want to work on this summer around the house, so I needed a few items.

When we returned home, it was clean the house time.  MIL did the dusting and vacuuming while I cleaned the birds cage and carted box after box out of the house for the yard sale or for recycling.  We REALLY cleaned house today!

I had purchased two water lilies for our pond, we threw them in and will see what happens!

I also ordered a serial port USB adapter cable so that I can continue to use my Bernina Embroidery card reader with the laptop.  My old desktop has finally died.  It will go to computer heaven this summer!

I finished packing up the glasses for the centerpieces for Robert and Isabel's NJ party and packed a memory gift for my brother.

I also received a great birthday gift from brother Jim!  Now that I have no more school, I should be able to enjoy the fragrant bath items and lotions.  Interestingly enough, there were two bracelets in the package as well.  My sister gave me bracelets for my birthday this year too!

Stay tuned for the rest of what I do on my summer vacation!~~~~~~

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