Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jennifer's Quilt--At Long Last

I am not really sure when my friend Jennifer gave me the clothing to make this quilt.  I am fairly certain it was more than a year ago. 

Jennifer wanted me to make a quilt out of her sons' baby clothes.  She had two large storage containers and a black trash bag filled with clothes, blankets, sheets, bibs, booties, etc. 

It was very overwheming at first. 

Once I started looking at the clothes, I had a hard time cutting them up.  They were perfectly serviceable clothes and I was just going to cut them up to use a small piece in a quilt.  SIGH. 

I started with the clothes that had bigger designs.  Those I cut into big squares.  Then the smaller clothes with decals/single designs/appliques were cut out.  I worked out a design of large squares and patchwork squares, then cut the clothes with overall designs to fill in the patchwork squares.

Then came tough part. 

Putting all of these squares together into a quilt. 

I would lay them on the floor in my studio, rearrange them, walk away, look again, rearrange them, walk away....finally I settled on a basic pattern and started the rows.

Next I was ready for borders.  However, I still had a lot of 4" squares left over.  And a bunch of bibs!
So, One solid border and a pieced border later:

 Jennifer wanted these really cute Winnie The Pooh curtains as part of the quilt, so they became the outer borders. 

I then quilted it and here is the finished quilt! 

Now, remember those bibs?  I stitched them onto the back of the quilt.  The backing is made from the boys' blankets.  I also stitched on booties, their infant hats, and the hoods from their towels!


Jennifer saw the almost finished project earlier this week, before I finished the binding.  She LOVES it! 
Today, at church, she will get to take it home as it is officially finished!