Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break-Monday

Just in case you have not been keeping up with the connections between my health and time off from school, I usually am ill.  I have no idea why that happens, but it does. 

This Spring Break is no different.  Last Wednesday, I began to have a bit of congestion and a sore throat, and by Friday I was suffering from a bout of laryngitis.  Fortunately, two days of mostly sleeping has conquered the majority of the problems and I am ready for my Spring Break!!

Today, bright and early, we adventured to the big city of Jackson, TN.  Mom and I had appointments with the dogs at the vet, and we decided to combine it with a few errands in Jackson.

My friend Beverly and I wanted to look for a new Bible Study guide for our church group.  We met at LifeWay Christian Store and if it was not for Beverly, I would still be there deciding.  She found me in the Bible Study section sitting on the floor, surrounded by several options.  I was reading through the ones I found, trying to decide if the curriculum would meet our needs.

She mentioned having read The Case For Christ, while in school.  She explained that Lee Strobel was an atheist who decided to prove that Christ did not exist.  In the course of his research, he found otherwise.  Now there is a study available on this and several of Lee's other books.  We decided on this one as it appears to meet our spiritual needs.  I picked up a copy of the book to read for myself! 

After we left Lifeway, Mom and I took the dogs to Petco.  Kashmir, Narnia and Lizzie had great fun wandering through the toy aisles and the treat aisles.  They each picked out a toy and decided on one bag of treats that they would share.  They reminded me that the parakeets needed seed, so we picked up a bag of seed for them as well. 

Next, we went to one of my favorite places--It's Sew Easy--the quilt shop.  I purchased some lovely fabric to make a quilt for the daughter of a dear friend of mine. Of course that has to get in line behind my son and daughter-in-law's quilt!

Upon arrival at the vet's office all our babies were excited to be out of the car once again. Unfortunately, they recognized the office and did not want to go in.  I had to push Narnia in and then Kashmir followed.  We sat in the waiting room, and Kashmir was quite content as she found a corner to hide in.  Narnia just kept whining and trying to be a lap dog.  Imagine 65 pounds in your lap!!  When it was their turn on the scales, we found that Kashmir and Narnia have gained 8 pounds each since last year.   They definitely need to cut back on the treats! 

In the exam room, I get to sit with one dog at a time while the other goes for her shots and testing.  Kashmir found another corner to hide in, so that was not too bad.  Narnia, however, spent her time whining and barking and howling for her sister.  Thankfully, they were back together soon.  When the vet came in for the actual exam, Narnia tried to be a lap dog again.  It was quite funny to see how attached she was to me!  Kashmir's turn found her trying to sink into the floor.  She would not get up for the exam, and when we lifted her up, she was like a boneless dog.  She just hung there. 

Whew!  We finally finished that and were able to leave after scheduling Narnia's teeth cleaning for Wednesday.  Isn't it great that I am off this week so I can tend to the dog's medical needs?!? 

We made it home uneventfully and I am waiting on the iron to heat up so I can press the quilt pieces I just stitched together.  The wedding quilt WILL be pieced this week!  I have all of the arcs pieced and once I press them, will lay them out in their pattern and begin putting the top together.  YAY!