Saturday, August 4, 2012

The 600--After the Yard Sale!

Yes, I had ANOTHER yard sale. This one was in conjunction with my friend Janice's yard sale.  This time, however, I did NOT have the most stuff of the participants!  Janice had me beat my 1000's of items.  I had a fairly successful day, and I know that Janice had a fabulously successful day! 

So, today, I sold or gave away: 

black binder
bike bell
shoulder bag-luggage
5 percy jackson books
bible atlas
curtain pattern
2 yards fabric
2 insulated cups
3 pitchers
onion keeper
3 computer games
3 airplanes
2 cake pans
quilt marking tools
bag of pens/school supplies
notebook briefcase

Of course, this is what I can remember.  I did not keep a tally as I did in my previous yard sale. So here is the current status of the 600: 

Total removed:  514
Total received:     56
 total remaining:     86

I am finally under 100 items!  I believe that I will accomplish my goal of purging 600 items before the extension is finished.