Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Vacation Day 4

Today was a stay at home day!

The plan was to finish the binding on Rob & Isabel's quilt.  I managed to make my very first bias binding and sew it to the quilt.  As I was hand stitching the back of the binding, I kept finding areas where I stitched too close to the edges.  These errors were at the inverted points.  I found that I had to restitch several areas.  This slowed me down and tired me out!

I did what I could tolerate then put it aside until tomorrow

Thanks to my friend Janice, I have a serger  to use to serge  the edges of the cloth napkins for the NJ party.  I finished half of those today.  With that project, I used up a load of black and white fabric!

I also worked the phones today and finalized the NJ party arrangements with the hall and the caterer. My dear friend Kathy notified me that some of the items I ordered had arrived at her house  in NJ.
I arranged my schedule for tomorrow mornings errands, and ordered adapters for my sewing machine so that I can use the embroidery module with my laptop.  My old desktop has finally died, and the newer laptop does not have the same connections!

I know I worked all day, but I feel like I have very little to show for it!

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