Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I am doing when I should be doing something other than what I am doing!

These are the four finished Sun Bonnet Sue blocks I am making for a lady here in town. There are 20 blocks all together, and I have finished all but the sleeves and bonnets on the remaining 16. Of course, I have several other projects of my own pending, and a project for a lady in California!

This is the floor of my studio bathroom, I use it to rinse out and dry the Drink Pouches that I send to Terracycle. My classroom earns $0.02 for each one! Of course this is just a small portion of what is occupying the room! Just another activity to keep me busy. These represent all of the efforts I take to recycle items in my little town.

Finally, a photo of the lone Silica Gel pack that I did not send to my sister! It represents the efforts that we take to reuse as many items as possible! I even have my friends at the thrift store saving these!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


For many years now, I have belonged to MyPoints (, which is a site where you can earn points for shopping on-line, as well as for reading email advertisements. Over the years, I have earned many gift certificates for shopping for items I would have bought anyway.

So, the point here is that I recently earned a $50 gift certificate to and went shopping for some items I needed in school. I found several puzzles that worked on spatial skills and a set of math blocks that I need, as well as a few math books. Unfortunately, the total came to over $50. Darn.

So, I put everything on hold to think on my purchases a while.

Then I paid my credit card bill and realized that I earned reward points on that card! What is really cool is that when I purchase items on-line through MyPoints, and use this credit card, I earn reward points through two programs!! Yay!

So, I redeemed some points and got another $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Today, I went back to Amazon and reworked my shopping cart. My puzzles, books and blocks should be arriving soon! Yay!