Sunday, May 15, 2011


Do you live an abundant life? What exactly does that mean? I am sure that it holds different meanings for different people. According to


1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance

So, it appears that living an abundant life means that you have more than what you need to get through life. I suspect that initial thoughts go to material items in life, perhaps even actual monetary worth.

I spent the day contemplating whether I was living an abundant life and I decided that I was getting there.

My life is abundant in love and friendship. I enjoy my work and the comfort of my home in a spiritual as well as physical sense. I am working towards having more peace in my life, moving away from the Type A personality that I have developed over time.

How about you? Are you living an abundant life?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Studio Changes!

Vince and I (mostly Vince) have been hard at work on the current household construction project.

The intent is to convert my original studio into a second guest bedroom. So, Vince finished the utility room so that it would be a small working studio. The photo above shows my threads in their new home on the wall.

Here is where I sit and sew:

I can open my curtains and get natural light in there, plus I have SUPERB overhead lighting. My original studio had very poor lighting.

I also have lots of shelf space for my doo-dads and what-nots.....Did you find Barbie's Head yet?

The original studio is gutted: Wall paper removed, ceiling removed, carpeting removed, wall mirror and paneling removed!
The door you see in this photo leads to my working studio:

This is facing the wall that use to have mirrors on it.

What we found very entertaining was that there use to be a door in this wall. It was the original basement of the original house, so there was a doorway into the cellar.
When I was explaining this to Rob, he asked how there could be a doorway there when that part of the house is below ground level. We decided that the best way to describe what the outside door looked like was to say that it was one of those old-fashioned basement in the scary movies!

SO, we have quite a bit of work pending here.

When it is finished, it will have a Murphy bed on the wall with the scary basement doorway, a larger closet for my storage of fabrics, shelves for Barbie, wood laminate flooring, florescent lighting in the drop ceiling, a ironing board that lowers from the wall, shelf space for books and plenty of floor space for me to set up a large cutting station. YAY!