Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Countdown Update

We are half way through our TCAP testing!  Only two more tests to go.  Our students are doing fabulously!
Since my last post, Vince and I have worked the 2013 Bunny Run Car Show and had a great time.  The recycling was very successful. 

I am now managing the new Jackson Rod and Custom club website!  check it out at:   www.thebunnyrunjacksontn.webs.com  It is still under construction, but it is doing well.  I also set up a facebook page for the Bunny Run. 

I have managed to finish my lesson plans for the last two weeks of school.  The Game of Life has a new event!  The students will be going out to dinner.  Let's hope they can manage their budget correctly.  All papers are copied and all important resources are laminated. 

I have registered for the Paducah show, and signed up for a small class.  I wanted an item I could finish in one class period, so no big quilts for me this weekend.  I still need to cut my fabrics and gather my supplies.  That may be an activity for Thursday night!  My friend Janice is coming along with me, so we will have a grand time! 

Here is the current countdown: 

3 more days until I go to Paducah for the Quilt show!
11 more days until my birthday!
17 more days of actual school!
23 more days until the end of school!
37 more days until I arrive in New Jersey!
40 more days until Rob and Isabel's party in New Jersey

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