Monday, December 22, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year?

Christmas is a time of year that I have always loved.  My father loved Christmas.  Maybe it was the fact that all of the family was together for meals and fun, maybe it was the happiness everyone seemed to share, maybe he loved giving presents and seeing someone's face light up with joy, maybe it was songs, food, specials on television....I have no idea exactly what he loved about Christmas, but I do know that I love this season as well. 

There are still aspects I do not like, such as the commercialism, the overspending, the traffic and the stress some people subject themselves to. 

However, I prefer to look at the wonderful part of this time of year.  My house smells like cookies and the lights on the tree and railings are beautiful and peaceful at night.  I love filling the stockings with treats and toys for my dogs.  I enjoy singing Christmas carols in church and sharing meals with friends and family. 

Perhaps most of all, I love giving.  I love the smile I see on a person's face when I give them a gift.  It does not matter what I am giving, it is usually unexpected and I love the joy that my simple gifts will bring to someone else. 

I am not one to just give at Christmas, however.  I believe in the giving spirit all year long.  The unexpected gifts are the best ones of all. 

So, remember the spirit of the holiday.  Do not remember the stress, the hassle.  Remember that the giving is the greatest pleasure of all.  Most importantly, remember the God so loved the world that he gave his only son.