Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Vacation Day 10

Memorial day.  A day to remember all of our heroes, mostly those fallen, but also to remember those who are still serving.  A prayer, a thank you, a hand shake, a smile.  Sometimes that is all that is needed to bring light to another's life, regardless of their situation. 
We have what we have because of what these military men and women are doing to protect our country.  For this, I am extremely thankful. 

On Monday, I worked....I finally sold this large dresser that was in the Guest Room (Now Mom's room):  

 I had to maneuver it out of the house basically on my own, with a little assistance from Mom, my dad's old Army blanket and a hand truck!  Here it stands out side the house awaiting its new owner. 

Then I moved the new dresser in using the same creative techniques! 

Additionally, I found this great Facebook site called Henderson TN Closet Shoppers Only!  I have managed to sell Mom's new But unwanted iPad case and her old toaster! 

I have some nibbles on a few other items I have posted there, and later this week, will be posting more.  It is fast, easy and fun! 

Yesterday I attempted to burn a DVD of photos of Rob and Isabel's wedding to show at the NJ party.  I have the right software in my computer, but unfortunately,not the correct type of DVD's here!  ERGH!!!

I started to put the music together, but got frustrated with the DVD situation and now just have a pile of CD's on my desk. 

Additionally, I have 3/4 of Torri's quilt quilted, the binding is pressed and ready to cut. 

Today, I plan to get the labels finished and the quilting finished. 

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