Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Vacation Days Eight and Nine

Well, a lazy weekend is drawing to a close.

I was unable to sleep on Friday night, so on Saturday, I was functioning on 4 hours sleep.  Therefore, I accomplished very little that day!

The dresser I listed on Craigslist has sold, the guy is picking it up tomorrow.  Mom and I cleaned out her dresser that is currently in the "storage unit", which is actually a portion of Vince's workshop.  She identified several items she can part with.  Tomorrow we will switch out the dressers.

One of the items Mom was willing to sell was a 4 slice toaster.  That sold today!  I belong to a Facebook group that sells items.  I listed a number of items, and so far only the toaster has found a new home.

I washed all the little rocks that I am using in the centerpieces for Rob & Isabel's party,  then I located the 5 gallon pail of the remainder (in the garden shed , covered with cobwebs and dust) of these little rocks and used them to fill the hole in our driveway.

Mom and I sorted the yard sale items in the garage, so that after we return from NJ, I will not have much to do to get ready for the yard sale.  That is scheduled for June 8th.

I finished 3/4 of the quilting on Torri's quilt.  I just have the borders and the free spaces to quilt.  I should have it ready to bind by tomorrow.

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