Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recycled Toilet Paper

I have managed to successfully switch from paper towels to cloth towels, from paper tissues to handkerchiefs, from paper napkins to cloth napkins, but of course toilet paper remains a paper usage!
However, I was rather proud of the fact that I was purchasing toilet paper that was made from recycled paper as opposed to virgin fibers! Comparing costs and packaging materials, I settled on Marcal toilet paper and have been very happy with that.
The only issue that troubled me was that the multi pack was packaged in PLASTIC! In comparing the cost of purchasing individual rolls that were wrapped in paper, I found that the cost was double!
So, today, I did a bit of internet searching to see if I could purchase my toilet paper at a reasonable price without having it wrapped in plastic!
I encountered this informative site from the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has some good tables of information regarding recycle percentage and what percent is post consumer waste. While Marcal was considered 100% recycled, only 40% of that is post-consumer waste.
There were several others that had 80% post consumer waste, so I steered my searching in that direction. Actually, Fake Plastic Fish did this same research in 2007, so I followed her ideas!
In looking at's prices, I had to agree with Beth that the subscribe and save was a good deal and a good idea.
I can purchase a 48 count case of single ply tissue (1000 sheets per roll or 48000 sheets per case) or 2-ply tissue (500 sheets per roll or 24000 sheets per case) for the same price: $47.80 with Subscribe and save. (and it qualifies for free shipping!) Since we are using a single ply tissue now, staying with that type of produce is probably what I will do.
One last bit of research is for me to check with Oma (the local health food store) to see if I can get this cheaper there.

And for an additional bit of information, check out this site.

Friday, December 26, 2008

In the Spirit of Giving

Several months ago, I read about, a website that helps teachers obtain much needed school supplies. I did a bit of research into the site and decided it was worth the effort to see what would happen if I submitted a project. I had to write a detailed proposal, use their online mall to create a materials list and wait for approval.

On September 15th, my project was submitted and accepted and "Who Founded That Religion?" was one of hundreds of projects on the site that were waiting for funding!

My sister had also mentioned another website that worked to get funds to teachers for school supplies. So, I checked out It worked very differently from, as it was a simpler process. For, all you did was list what you would like and how much you estimated it would cost.

Either way, it was worth seeing what would happen.

Well, over Thanksgiving, I received an email from letting me know that someone wanted to donate money to my classroom! Was I surprised! I was able to purchase pencils and markers for the classroom.

Then on the last day of school before Christmas break, I received an email from letting me know that my Religion project had been fully funded! Woo Hoo!

I am truly thankful for the generosity of others that makes it easier for me to do what I love!