Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Vacation Day 5

I started out with the mundane task of getting my oil changed.  While there, I was entertained by the daughter of one of the staff.  She is going into the fifth grade in the fall.  We played games on our iPads!!

The it was time for a variety of errands around the little town of Henderson.  After dropping off two bags of fabric scraps at the dump, I dropped off my jacket to be dry cleaned.  However, we do not have a cleaners in Henderson.  The local Merle Norman shop is a drop off site for a cleaner in Jackson.

Then I stopped in at Sweetly Ever After, our local cupcakery.  No, I did not get a cupcake! I picked up the recycling items they collected for me.

Next, I dropped off a damaged piece of Tupperware at the County Clerk's office.  I know that sounds odd, too, but my Tupperware dealer's brother in law is the County Clerk.

Then, I met up with my friend Sandy at the intersection of the Highway 100 and Route 225 to give her some bottles I collected.  Sandy is a stained glass artist, she also slumps bottles.  I had two I want her to slump for me as well as several other assorted bottles from friends.

 Upon arrival at the Carrabba Compound, I finished the napkins for the NJ party and fixed the binding on Rob & Isabel's quilt, and basted half of Torri's quilt.

 Now that dinner is over, I am working on the final hand stitching of Rob and Isabel's quilt.  Tomorrow I will tackle the label issue. 

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