Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 600

I had lunch with my friend Cherie today! While attending Freed-Hardeman University to earn our MEds, we spent many hours together talking, studying, planning, laughing and eating. Since we graduated, we have made it an annual event to get together after school ends to have lunch and catch up.

Since I am purging my house of a number of children's books, I offered to let Cherie look through my collection to see if she could use any of them in her classroom. Thus an early lunch gathering.

So cheers for Cherie, who took 20 books for her classroom. Or should I say 20 Cheers for Cherie??

Thank you, Cherie for taking these and giving them a new home where they will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Only 513 left to go.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 600--more items removed!

Spring Break officially began today at 3:01PM.
Vince is leaving tomorrow to take some items to his brother Sal, and help his mom move.
I was slow on taking the photos, but here is the lawn-mower and aluminum ladder loaded into Vince's truck.

Here is a photo of the storage box on the trailer which is currently housing the following items: mower deck, spreader, tiller, and edger.

This is the green wagon that will have a new home tomorrow--a lovely freecycler named Wilda is giving this wagon a new home.

This brings the total removed to 71 items. We did add those 4 items, so I have 533 left to go!
Now that Spring Break is here, I will be able to get into the boxes in the garage to sort and price for the yard sale. I will also continue the household purge. None of those items will be counted until they are sold! But at least I can get a count of what is there!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The 600--items added :(

I am sad to announce that we have added 4 items to our household. Two of them are t-shirts for the Bunny Run Car show in April. The Car show is sponsored by the car club that Vince belongs to, as volunteers, we wear the club shirt each year.

Vince also purchased two nifty toys for his driving experiences: One is a camera so he can see what is going on behind his truck (very helpful in connecting to the trailer). The other is a GPS.

So now we have 540 left to purge.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 600: Items 41 through 64!

Huge haul today!
I sold another book on The Eleventh Plague! I neglected to take a photo of the book before I wrapped it up for shipment; so here is the one from

Also, we dropped off our door prizes for the car show in April. Included in the door prizes were 4 sets of car placemats (each set has 4 placemats, so that is 16 items!), a helicopter kite, a table runner, a small quilt, a candle, a laser level, a 3-d wooden puzzle, and a poster set to color.

Only 536 more items to go!

Monday, March 12, 2012

600 Items (# 38, 39 and 40)

Today, I made a long awaited sale on A DVD of Sommersby has now found a new home! (all say YAY!). Item number 38:
As I was searching for packaging material, I realized that I use new envelopes that were sent to me years ago by Terracycle. For a while, Terracycle had a glitch in their system. This glitch resulted in them mailing me a package of 4 recycling envelopes every week! Since I did not have a shipment to send out every week, let alone 4, I have quite a stash.

So, since these envelopes are all brand new, never used, does the envelope also count as an item purged?? I am holding off on that decision right now.

Items number 39 and 40 are the bike that I gave to Whitney and the bike chain that I will give her tomorrow.

I also identified several more items for the yard sale, which is scheduled for April 21st.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Several months ago, I was given two parakeets. I loved the idea of having birds so much that for Christmas, we purchased a larger aviary and added to our flock.

There are now 6 parakeets residing in our aviary! Here are three of them just hanging out:

From left to right you can see Blackie, Lute and Mellow.

In the photo below, you can see Yellow, Bird and Captain Bluebeak. Bird and Captain just lost their pinfeathers and you can see that Bird's head feathers are still white, while Captain's are turning yellow.

They are all an interesting blend of colors, which is one of the aspects that I love about them!

They can be noisy--chattering and yelling at each other, but I have found that playing classical music helps to keep them calmer.

Today, I introduced some turkey into their diet--the second photo above shows the white dish with this treat on it. They are on their second helping. Next will be fruits and veggies (but I have to go grocery shopping first!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

600 Items, week 2

Not much to dispose of this week, I dug around and located 12 t-shirts that need to find new homes. That brings the total removed to 37. Only 563 more to go!

I did clean up the garage a bit and found a few more items to put in the yard sale boxes. I am not actually counting items delegated to the yard sale piles until they are actually sold or donated somewhere at the end of the sale. That will be a photo opportunity!

The two items I listed on Ebay are still unwanted...the auctions end tonight. I will most likely relist them.