Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Failure to become a quilt

In June of 2007, when I was in Pennsylvania with Sherry, I purchased a quilt pattern which was a variation on the Card Deck, and used Log Cabin Blocks. I had seen it several times that weekend and loved the pattern.
The following summer, when Cat was visiting, we purchased the rest of the fabrics so that I could start this quilt.

I did start it, and right now, I cannot find the photos I took of the quilt progress I had made.
I did manage to get all of the log cabin blocks sewn and the colors were wonderful!

The problems arose when I had to cut the log cabin blocks on the diagonal and then sew them together with background fabrics.

I had mountains and valleys in my quilt! I took it apart several times, repinned, trimmed, and stitched this quilt attempting to make it do what it was supposed to do.

All to no avail.

Finally, I just decided it would never be a quilt. I took what I had left and remade them into two nifty totes and several small purses!

These are presently being gifted to several friends.

Actually Izzy has just claimed the tote with the pink handles!

So, the moral of this story is: "When fabric does not go your way, make something else!"


Anonymous said...

Well! I love the way you used your pieces, they look great! Kinda another way of recycling! Much snow there? Got lots here today, it will be warm by the weekend!!Yeah!

Oh, how do you do without hair conditioner!!! My hair tangles so bad! I would love to know your secret!I don't like using conditioner anyway,weighs down my hair.

The Green Cat said...

Those purses are totally cute! I'd never know they were from another project and not intended as purses from the start. Great job on turning a frustrating project into bunch of beautiful useful items!