Sunday, February 20, 2011

Letters from Ireland, May the 18th

The penmanship of this letter is much worse than the others I have read so far, and after reading the letter, it appears that my G-G-Grandmother was quite sick and lying in her bed to write this letter, which explains the handwriting quality!

"dear rose i sit down to rite a fue lines to you it is time after a long wate i got a terable cold the wether was very wet ther was now won tow help me we had 3 horses the weather was do bad i cut twelve bags and i never she will cut a nother never got it is hard i am not out of it yet you would i would gash every minet i cannt say much for myself if itg is a ...that i never rite home a leter bydy with news that now from john since before christmas something must have hapend excuses me for not witing to excuse my pen and hand if i mend i will rite a long letter i have scrible this lying on my bed know more from your mother mrs smith the prist bes with me often the are doing all they can for me"


Dear Rose
I sit down to write a few lines to you, it is time after a long wait. I got a terrible cold, the weather is very wet, there was no one to help me (I am not sure what is said here). The weather was so bad, I cut twelve bags and I never. She will cut another. I never got it is hard, I am not out of it yet. I would guess every minute I cannot say much for myself. yet if it is a .....that i never write home a letter by dy with news. I had no letter from John since before Christmas, something must have happened. Excuse me for not writing to excuse my pen and hand, if I mend I will write a long letter. I have to scribble this lying in my bed. No more news from your mother, Mrs. Smith. The priest has been with me often, they are doing all they can for me.

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