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Warrington Genealogy

This is a transcription of a handwritten letter from Thelma Waddell 1988.

This information is what I have collected from family Bibles, family members and some research.

William Warrington I of Yorkshire England Born 1773. Do not know month or day of birth. I was told William ran away from home and joined the British army at a very early age. William served in India for some time. As of now, i have not been able to locate William's discharge papers. My mother, Nellie Waddell, Aunt Frances Balleo and Uncle Harry told me that had seen these papers but did not know where they went to. After William's discharge he came to Canada and married Frances Martin Cunningham Young. Frances Cunningham first married Robert Young and they had one son, A.J. Young, born October 27, 1829. Years ago, A.J. Young lived in Plattsburg, NY.

Frances Martin Cunningham of Glasglow, Scotland, born October 19, 1798., came to a cousins in Canada at age 15 in 1813. Was told Frances' father was killed in coal mine in Scotland. I believe Frances M. Cunningham Warrington died in 1882. I know she died in Newcomb, NY and is buried in old Methodist Cemetery in Newcomb. There is no date on her stone, only Mrs.Warrington. There was a very rich man who lived in Newcomb some time ago and I was told he had headstones put up for those with no markers.

William and Frances Warrington had one son, William II born Sept 11, 1838 near Solomon River in northern NY state. Also one Daughter, Elizabeth born March 17, 1840. Elizabeth died at birth. William and Frances wanted to live in the United States, but British Government would not give William his pension unless he moved back to Canada. William and Frances and son William moved to Hemmingford Province of Quebec.

On September 20, 1983, I went to Hemmingford with Vivian Warrington and my sister, Gladys. We went to the town clerks office looking for information but office was closed that day. I saw minister and he sent me to St Andrews United Church of Hemmingford. I found this record of William Warrington I recorded like this: "William Warrington I Pensioner of township of Hemminford died on 29th and was buried on 31 day of Oct 1866 age 93 yrs. James Patterson, minister of Scotland, Witness Donald McFee and Ruth Gregg. Signed Frances M. Cunningham."
After death of William Warrington I, his son William II went to Hemmingford and brought his mother Frances M. back to Olmstedville, NY to live with him and his family.

William II married Harriett Burnell, daughter of Louis and Mary Cordelia Burnell of Olmstedville, NY on April 25, 1865 in town of Schroon at old Leland Hotel. Witness Isace Bristol and Matthew Tannahill. Harriet wore a fawn colored dress, cape and bonnet trimmed in blue. Cape and bonnet were lined in blue. Harriet and William went to Plattsburg, NY on their honeymoon.

Harriet born May 5, 1849 at what they called Upper Iron Works at Tohan NY up near Newcomb. Harriet died Oct 11, 1924 at Lake Placid, NY. William II died March 28, 1911 at Lake Placid, NY. William died of influenza. Harried died from myocarditis with articular fibrillation. I got these records of their deaths from death certificates Vivian Warrington had.

William and Harriet Warrington Children:
Alexander William---May 4, 1866
James Henry--------June 10, 1868
Frances Martin----- June 5, 1870
Elmer Louis --------May 26, 1872
Harriet -------------May 7, 1874--called Hattie
Robert Fenton ------April 7, 1876
Nellie ---------------June 15, 1878
Emma Sophia -------Aug 24, 1880
MaryJane-----------May 30, 1884--called Marie
Addie---------------June 17, 1887
Harrison Edward---May 20, 1889--called Harry
Ross Everett-------January 6, 1892
Ernest-------------Sept 27, 1897

Some had middle names and some did not. I got names and birth from Family bible.

Thelma W.

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