Friday, December 10, 2010

Drunken Santa??

Many years ago, my brother and I were shopping for a Christmas gift for our Nana. We spotted this great little Santa figurine and decided that it was perfect for Nana because Santa was holding a bottle and appeared drunk.

I am not sure how Santa eventually ended up back in our house, but he did.

I am not even sure when Jim and I finally figured out that Santa was holding a BELL and not a BOTTLE!

Of course, we never looked on the bottom of the figure to see that the title of this piece is "Ringing in Good Cheer"!

Drunken Santa now resides with me and every year when I take him out I reflect back on when Jim and I first purchased him and what our thoughts are and chuckle to myself.

In honor of Jim's recent request for a new photo of Drunken Santa, we gave him a few more bottles for his holiday cheer:

Merry Christmas Nana and Jim and all of my friends and family!

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