Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Break, Day Three

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Man"

We have all heard this sentiment especially at this time of the year. What does it mean?

Yes, it is a wish that everyone wants to come true.

Is Peace the end of all wars, murders, thefts, lying, cheating, and hatred? Do we have to wait for Peace?

Peace on Earth would be wonderful, but one person cannot do it alone. However, Peace on Earth starts with one person. Is that person you or me? Perhaps.

I alone cannot stop violence on a widespread basis all at once. I can, however, show kindness to everyone I meet. A smile; a wish for a Merry Christmas; holding the door; giving an item that is needed; wanted or that will bring a smile; a phone call or a card. There are many ways to be kind, but is that Peace?

Peace starts within. If I am at Peace with myself, then I can spread Peace to others. This has been a year of reflective thought for me. I think because I take an hours drive each Sunday after church. All of that alone time causes me to think! In the past, I never allowed myself that luxury. Even now, that is the only time when I am not multitasking.

Take some time, sit and think or meditate or pray, whichever suites you.

Find your Peace. Share it with others. We may not be able to bring about Peace on Earth worldwide, but we can bring about Peace to our little corner of the world.


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