Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break, Day 2

Even on my 'days off', I am up early. Today it was 5:30 AM. At least I was able to accomplish something productive!

I wandered downstairs to where I have the jigsaw puzzles set up. Yes, I did mean to say PUZZLES in the plural.

This was my mother's puzzle set, as you can see, there are three puzzles in one box. When she finished with them, she put ALL of the pieces together in the box. Without bags to separate the puzzles.

So, I have been working to separate the puzzles and that requires me to put them together. Over the summer, I did this with 4 puzzles that she had mixed up. Those, at least, were very different puzzles so it was not as difficult! Here is my progress so far on one: So, that was my early morning wake up activity. After Vince arrived home, I left for school. Whitney and I scheduled today to get our grades in the system, plan our lessons and finish cleaning up our rooms so that we would not have to do much over break.

So, Whitney and I sat and worked for about 3 hours on school matters. I boxed up all of my Terracycle items and labeled them. Those are in my truck for drop off on Monday.
I finished putting all of my grades in the system. Averages are pretty good. I also laminated the posters for my next series of bulletin board activities and decided to follow Whitney's lead and do my lesson planning with the form that our principal wants us to eventually start using. Her theory is that she will have the lessons in her computer in an electronic format and it will be easier to change and update next year. Good idea. So, I started with that and will finish tonight.

We had lunch at El Ranchitos and then I went to McDonalds to drop off some items to Valerie and pick up more Terracycle recycling. I also dropped off a box of items at Susan's house for her future use. Then I brought Frito and Burrito home with me for the break (Whitney's class pets).

I made my (grocery) list and checked it twice. That is Monday's activity at the commissary on Ft. Campbell.

Lisa came by and picked up her freecycle items {glasses, plastic Christmas goodie bags, a large plastic dog treat container (great for storing small toys!) and 8 refillable plastic/metal ornaments}. Her friend looked at the 4 ceramic crocks that were in front of my garage and asked if I was interested in selling them. I have been for a while and said "YES! $5.00 each." and those left as well and I am richer in many ways.

Now, I get to watch a little TV since dinner is over and the kitchen is clean.

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