Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Break, Day 11

Yes, I know I skipped days 9 and 10, but I was busy!

Day 9 was Christmas Day. Vince and I spent a wonderfully quiet day together. We exchanged our 'under the tree' gifts and had many laughs.

For a little background information:

For our anniversary this year, Vince and I redid the main bathroom. We retiled the floor, painted the walls, replaced the curtains and rearranged the art work. The 'curtains' are actually crocheted runners that my great grandmother made. I washed and bleached them, then stitched them end to end to create a long piece that I looped over the existing curtain rod. The walls use to be a mustardy yellow and are now grey. It looks very clean!

For Christmas, we painted the outside of our house (completed during Fall Break),
upgraded our alarm system,
and purchased a new water heater.

So we agreed to go easy on the actual presents under the tree this year.

Apparently I finally dropped enough hints and Vince purchased an automatic car starter for me!
I know that some of you Northerners may be thinking "What does she need that for?" Well, it does get cold here and it does get hot here, so heating or cooling my vehicle before I get into it is a wonderful idea!

Of course, Vince has to install this for me.

Then I received two rather interesting items: a light fixture identical to the one already installed in my studio and a package of ceiling tiles.

Vince and I have discussed plans to create a more functional space for me but it is always delayed because of more pressing matters.

Before the end of next year, we do plan to have the deck painted, the garage repainted to match the house, the utility room finished (which includes the installation of the new water heater), the master bedroom ceiling repaired and the pantry finished.

Then Vince is supposed to work on the restoration of his 1957 Chevy.

My in-laws arrived yesterday so we spent the day in preparation for their arrival.

We had dinner and then opened our presents to and from my in-laws! Mom actually bought me a full set of stainless steel cookware! Not what I was expecting. I am thrilled! They are washed and ready for tonight's meal.

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