Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Break, Day 7

After a day spent at home yesterday, I was ready for an outing today. I started off with a home cooked breakfast with Vince when he arrived home from work.

Then I was off to the bank. I had checks to deposit! They are usually few and far between thanks to direct deposit, but we had 4 of them this time. Must be the end of year check issuing situation! No complaints here though.

After the bank, I went to McDonald's to hand off some Freecycle items to Valerie. There were even a few extras in there that I knew she and her girls would enjoy.

Miller's Big Star had a few of the items on my shopping list, but not all. I had to check at Fred's and Piggly Wiggly and still left with NO Thomas' English Muffins for Vince. I did manage to pick up everything else.

I was off to lunch at Southern Oaks with my friends there. We had a great time over lunch of Turkey, dressing and green beans. Michelle even gave me a fancy dish of Ice cream to eat!

Home is always a welcome place to come back to, especially when it is clean! I finished a baby gift for a friend:

Then Vince and I put up the Christmas tree. I laughed over many of the ornaments on the tree, especially the ones that Robert made as a child.

I know that I tell the same stories each year as we decorate the tree, but my wonderful Vince puts up with me!

There are some ornaments that have strong childhood memories attached to them, like the red bells and the owl.

I remember putting these on the tree as a child and my mother making a big deal over her 'red bells'. Yes, they are pretty and they are very special to me now. As a child, they were just another ornament. How times change.

I hope you all are having a great holiday season, however you celebrate.

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