Friday, January 9, 2009

Silence in the Hallways

Kids like to talk.
That is a given fact.
They want to socialize with their friends.

Unfortunately in school, they have few opportunities to talk. They only have 30 minutes during Physical Education, and 25 minutes during lunch. Most of the rest of the day, they are not supposed to be chatting with their friends.

Does that stop them?

They take numerous opportunities to talk to their friends. The biggest offense occurs after we have successfully lined up in the hallway and they are wonderfully silent. Then they are dismissed to return to the classroom.

As soon as they start walking,
they start talking!

I use to compare them to pigeons, explaining that a pigeon cannot walk without bobbing their heads, so 6th graders cannot walk without talking! So, I would ask them, "Are you pigeons?".

Yesterday, instead, I asked them if their mouths were connected to their feet.

One student replied: "I can suck my toe!"

I had no response.


The Green Cat said...

Wow. I guess THAT kid really put his foot in his mouth! hehehe

CC said...

Yeah! He seemed sort of proud of that skill too!