Friday, January 23, 2009

Recycling at its Finest!

A number of months ago, I found out about another potential recycling program for a 'hard to recycle' item. Those Plastic Bottle CAPS!
Since they are made from a different type of plastic than the bottle they are on, they are not recyclable with the bottles labeled '1' or '2'.

I read about Aveda's bottle cap recycling program and thought "That's for me!".

I sent in an email requesting information and waited. Then I forgot about it.

It may have been my sister who brought it to my attention again, so I went to the site, and sent another email about it. I waited. Then I forgot about it.

Cat suggested I call to get information. Good Idea. Then I forgot about it.

In glancing through my emails tonight, I spot an email from Kendra at AVEDA!!

Yes, she has sent me information about signing up my school with the program, and Aveda will provide me with postage paid labels to send the bottle caps to them. I filled out the enrollment form and emailed it back to Aveda this evening. As soon as I have those postage paid labels I will let my students know about this program and begin collecting caps in class. In the meantime, I am busily unscrewing the caps from all of my plastic recycling bottles in the bin!

On the Terracycle front, I did receive a check from Terracycle for $0.82! That was for the one bag of cookie wrappers they acknowledge receipt of. I have yet to receive a check for the hundreds of drink pouches I have sent them and they have acknowledged receipt of. There were 10 bags of pouches received as of December. I guess an email to Parker is in order.

On a positive note, I had previously found that there was a huge turn around time from when I sent in the full bags of drink pouches, and Terracycle acknowledging receipt of them and sending me empty bags. Thus I now have a HUGE box of clean drink pouches awaiting shipping to Terracycle. The box is so full that I had my student stop collecting pouches.

Well, I sent in 4 bags on January 12th, and Terracycle acknowleged receipt of them on the 23rd, and today I received 4 new bags! YES! Monday I will ship out another 400 drink pouches.

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The Green Cat said...

Glad to hear you heard from Aveda. Also glad to know that Parker was able to help you out. You might want to leave a shout-out over on Tiffany's blog to thank her for that tip: