Friday, January 16, 2009

No More Phone Books?

Do I use my phone book?
Yes, but very infrequently.
Do I need a new one every year?
Probably not.

So, when Ideal Bite's daily bite included information on how to eliminate your name from the phonebook mailing list, I checked it out.

I signed up. One less item to think about, one less item to recycle, one less tree cut down to produce paper for something I do not really need. After all, the technological age has provided me with the internet, and I can get phone numbers there without using any paper.

So,go to here to remove your name from the mailing list and you will not receive a new phone book. You can change your mind and call for one if you find you truly need one!

1 comment:

Jack of Tales said...

Thanks for this mom, I hate phone books.