Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Great Educational Items!

I absolutely LOVE!
On New Year's Eve, I received notification that my second project had been fully funded!


I am even more excited to return to school next week and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these items for my class!

This second project, entitled "Math Multiplies the Mind", has math related games and activities that I can have the students play when they finish their classwork. Some of my students are more advanced than others are and tend to finish their work earlier than the rest of the class, even their homework! They are then looking for things to do to keep busy. Some bring books to read, some do not. I will sometimes ask them to work with another student, but I do not like to do this constantly. So, now I will have other activities for them to work on that are fun and educational!

Most of my students are very into learning and enjoy variety in the lessons. I can give them any of these new games and ask them to become "experts" on the game so they can teach it to their classmates.

While some of the games are specific to certain math skills, like Fractions:

I also ordered a tub of DICE!! I plan to let the students come up with some of their own games that use math skills!
A huge thanks to anyone who donated to a deserving organization in 2008!!

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