Monday, January 25, 2010

Resolutions: January Update

Well, while not perfect, I made some progress! Initially, I was angry with myself for not being more diligent, but then I realized that change takes time! I am happy with the progress I am making and as the month progressed, I improved!

So, here we go, January's update on my Resolutions

1. Cease drinking soda. I did (unfortunately) drink Two 2-liter bottles of Pepsi this month. It is here in the house and I drank it because it was here. I DID NOT purchase any Pepsi to drink in school, I DID NOT purchase any single serving bottles of Pepsi, and I DID NOT purchase any other sizes or types of soda. So, while I did drink soda this month, I did manage to avoid purchasing any new soda to consume! So, a little progress.

2. Do not purchase new clothes for one year. Messed up here too. The school had a small supply of polo shirts and sweatpants with the school mascot on them (Eagles). I did not need another polo shirt nor did I need a pair of sweatpants, but I bought them because they had the Eagles on them.

3. Save the savings. The grocery shopping yielded over $35 in savings. That is now tucked away in a special place!

4. Reduce my personal belongings. I did well here!! I took a copy paper sized box of items to the Gleaner's House Thrift Store. That took care of getting rid of one item per week. (There were 7 items in there). Included in that box were 5 shirts and a pair of sweatpants (so that takes care of getting rid of an item for each new item brought in---see # 2!) along with a sweater, and several knick-knack type items. I also Freecycled the ceiling light fixture we took out of my studio when Vince installed the new lighting fixture he got me for Christmas!

5. Read at least 3 books to improve my teaching skills.
I am still reading "Differentiating Math Instruction".

6. Keep my tax records more organized for 2010. I have the envelope labeled and several items in there already. I do need to put individual envelopes in there for the various categories and label them.

7. Walk 10,000 steps each day. I had to purchase a new battery for the pedometer. I wear it every day, but sometimes forget to put it back on after changing out of my work clothes. I have been averaging 7,000 steps per day.

8. Reduce my fabric stash. I did go shopping on January 1st for fabric. It was a one day 50% off sale. I am pleased to announce that I purchased coordinating fabrics for a baby quilt that I am working on and had purchased the focus fabric for in December. I also purchase red fabrics for my Mustang quilt. That is all. So, I only purchased fabrics for specific projects! Otherwise, my stash is about the same. I started the Car Club projects for their show in April, which will reduce my stash by several yards, but since they are incomplete and still here, it does not count yet!

9. Make time for ME! I think I watched 10 movies this month! With Vince's work schedule and the lighter paper work load from school, I have had more time. Plus it is cold downstairs where the studio is and I tend to stay upstairs, so I watch movies on my computer!

10. Blog about these resolutions every month. DONE!

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