Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buckwheat Pillow

My sister commented about buckwheat pillows a while ago, which prompted me to do a bit of research into that item. At first, I thought that it would be crazy so try and sleep on a pillow stuffed with buckwheat hulls.
After all, these are the stuff that is left over. The buckwheat plant has a rather pretty flower:

The inside kernel is used to make buckwheat flour. It is not a cereal and when the hull is removed, the inside kernel is similar to a sunflower kernel.

So, now I have a pillow made from the leftover hulls from this plant!

I ordered it from the Buckwheat Pillow Company. They use American, organically grown buckwheat. I liked their website.

When I ordered my pillow, I commented that I preferred no plastic packaging when they shipped my pillow. Gail emailed me back that same day and informed me that while they usually shipped their pillows in a plastic bag, she would be happy to wrap it in paper if I preferred. Since I did, I emailed her with that request.

When my pillow arrived, it was nicely wrapped in paper, inside a sturdy box. I did notice that it was incredibly HEAVY!!!

The pillow also came with a small lavender sachet to insert into the pillow. I like that I am able to open up the pillow to remove or add buckwheat hulls if necessary (I actually removed about 1/4 of the original hulls already). The lavender is a nice touch, too. It is not overwhelming and I like the scent when I am getting ready for sleep.

The best part? NO MORE NECK PAIN! I have not awoken with neck pain since I started using this pillow. I feel like I sleep better, too.

Yay for buckwheat!

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The Green Cat said...

I know--isn't it amazing? Chris and I refer to mine as my "bag of seeds". I actually bought the Bucky Duo pillow which has a two-chambered pillow with buckwheat on one side and millet on the other. You sleep with the millet side up which dampens the noise of the buckwheat hulls. Each section has a zipper so I can add or remove hulls/millet as needed.

I also like that I can compost the hulls if they get too mashed down and I decide to change them out!

I like that I can sleep on my side or my back without neck pain and without my hands falling asleep!