Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tennessee SNOW!!!

Well here they are, our snow pictures!

You can see that our pond is almost covered in snow, the rest is frozen over.

However, the snow was not deep enough to cover the grass!!
It is very cold for Tennessee, and that is the major concern, of course it is difficult to drive in snow when you are not use to it! It is dangerous for those of us who know how to drive in snow to be on the road with drivers who do not know how to manage snow!
So, the smart ones stay home!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YES! IT IS COLD!!!!! I am working on some hand binding so I can stay under my quilts!!!

We Tennessee folks don't have the things we need to deal with this kind of cold! I don't even have a coat warm enough! Never thought I would need one! I AM staying IN!!!!

My husband's work was closed today and what did he do? He went out to run errands, he asked if I wanted to go?? I said, ARE YOU KIDDING? I stay in even if it is 32 degrees!!!!

LOL! Stay warm!