Friday, January 22, 2010

Less Plastic!

I love to shop on-line because it is easier, more comfortable and less aggravating for me.

I can find what I like without searching stores, dealing with crowds, driving to the next town, and it saves me time.

What I don't like is the plastic packaging that most companies use when they ship their items to me. Beth at Fake Plastic Fish has been my inspiration and motivation in reducing my plastic consumption. {I have eliminated plastic shopping bags from my life and have a lovely collection of tote bags (thanks to Gleaners House Thrift Store and my own sewing abilities) that live in my truck or home for handy use, along with other improvements}

I usually forget to ask companies that I order from to package my purchases in paper as opposed to plastic packaging materials but I am happy to announce that I have been remembering to ask! Not only that, the companies are complying!

I blogged about my wonderful Buckwheat pillow from the Buckwheat Pillow company, who packed my pillow in paper.

I recently ordered jigsaw puzzles for a gift and requested that the company not pack the puzzles with plastic or styrofoam packing material (after all they are in boxes!) and the puzzles came to me padded with shredded paper! YAY!

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