Monday, September 29, 2008

From Trash to Treasure??

Every year in school, the students get involved in 4-H. Each month they have a contest to promote different skills. The first month is usually entitled 'From Trash to Treasure' which works to encourage the students to create something useful and wonderful from trash.
I want to believe that I am encouraging this in the classroom this year by my own actions!
Our first Social Studies Project will be making Pyramid Trading Cards. These are similar to baseball cards in that they will have a picture of a pyramid on the front and statistics about the pyramid on the back.
The cardboard base of the trading card will be cut from cereal boxes. The kids liked the idea of bringing in trash to school that we then use!

Another project I want to work on is to make models of pyramids. The pattern I have uses a 21" square piece of poster board. I want to avoid asking my students to buy poster board, but I have yet to find a source for thin cardboard (paperboard) that will yield a 21" square. I thought about using a smaller piece of cardboard, but then the model is to small for the other part of the project. Other types of cardboard are not thin enough to fold well. I have some friends who work in retail, I plan to ask them if they receive anything in that I can use for this!

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