Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We have started our Social Studies Chapter on Egypt. Yesterday, we created T-charts showing what the students know about Egypt and what they want to know about Egypt. The plan is to create cross-curricular lessons involving Math and Social Studies. After reading an article in Education Week about the need to extend learning time, I am even happier that I am planning to make this Egypt unit work for more than one subject.
Over 25 years ago, A Nation At Risk was published, which was a report urging the American public to see that our nation was falling behind other countries and that our education system needed to be reformed. While there are always changes being made, it is up to the individual teachers to work hard at making the most of the time we are given.
One of the challenges for the students will be in the project area of this unit, they will only be able to re-use items to create their projects! There will be pyramids, hieroglyphics and trading cards created. Let's see how they do!

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The Green Cat said...

Welcome to Blogger sis! Sounds like some good plans for this year. (I also think it's funny that while reading your post about Egypt, I am sitting here sewing a costume for King Tut!)