Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break

Ah, an entire week to do whatever I want to do!!

I had great plans for this week, and then reality settled in and I shortened the list!

I spent time in my studio finishing up some quilt projects. I quilted two baby quilts and sewed the binding on. I only have to hand sew the binding to the backs. I finished the binding on Rob's quilt and hand quilted 2 more blocks (that makes 9 out of 32). I also worked on a few more blocks for my Mother-in-law's quilt (I think I have 5 out of 16) My MIL's quilt is a sampler, so each block is completely different. These are the blocks for my Underground Railroad Quilt. I also cut out the fabric for the sashing and borders for this quilt.

I also finally finished stocking my Etsy shop! I have 9 items listed and more to come. I did create another 10 baby bibs from my stash in addition to the other quilting projects I worked on this week so far. I have to just put on the velcro and do the top stitching.

I plan to spend today finishing up some more of the projects, as it is a rainy day here in Tennessee!!

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