Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can I reduce paper towel usage further?

Over the past year or so, I have stopped using paper napkins and tissues. I was just contemplating paper towel usage.
I do not use them to dry my hands, nor do I use them for cleaning.

I find that the only time I use them is to pick up a mess the dogs have made.
It is time to designate some old worn-out dishtowels for this purpose. Then the only use for paper towels would be when Vince makes his greasy, stinky steak sandwiches.

Can I come up with a method that will work and that Vince will use? Ah, there is the question of the day!!

I know my mother use to use brown paper bags to absorb grease, but we no longer get paper bags when we shop. We bring our own.

I have some old dish towels that are not terrycloth, so perhaps they would work and not leave terrycloth fibers on the steaks. Any thoughts?

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