Saturday, June 28, 2014

Switzerland, France and Germany

Our stay in Zurich was very short.  It was actually a place to rest before journeying onto Germany.

This is the ceiling in our room in Zurich.  The lights changed colors. 

Upon arising in the morning, we went in search of a bakery for breakfast.  (Breakfast was not included at the St. Goddard Hotel!)  We ate delicious pastries and had coffee.  I had a chocolate filled pastry, YUM!!  This was probably the lightest breakfast of the entire trip, but also one of the most delicious!  

We walked around town for a bit, enjoying the Limmet River which runs through the town.  

There were thousands of locks on this bridge, each with a pair of names inscribed.

Thought this looked like Jacob Marley!

Farmers Market

Limmet River

loved the tile work on this museum

This orchestra was playing in the train station!

After fetching the rental car, we headed off to locate A Propos, a fabric shop in Zurich.  I knew I did not have much time due to today being a driving day.  We arrived a little early and were at the door when the shopkeeper opened the doors for business.  

Another neat fabric shop, loaded with all types of fabric!  Luckily, the shopkeeper knew some English and with Vince's German, we were able to ask for cotton fabric.  
A Propos
Fabric I purchased!
We found a fabulous blue and white fabric that was travel oriented.  I added three others that coordinated.  Yay!  More  fabric.  

Upon leaving Zurich, we traveled to Strausbourg France and had lunch in a small bar/restaurant.  We were helped by a gentleman who spoke English and were able to order chicken for Vince and quiche Lorraine for me.  A delicious meal  in a quaint atmosphere. 

Front of the cafe
Street outside the cafe

Looking in the other direction, outside the cafe.
Our next stop was Ulm, Germany.  The intent was to visit the Ulm Minster (Church), which has the highest church steeple in the world!  We arrived with 5 minutes to spare to be able to go up inside the steeple.  Even knowing it was a very HIGH climb, we took the challenge.  The steeple is 143 meters (469 feet) tall and it has 768 steps!  


Ulm Minster (Church) in Ulm, Germany

another Gargoyle

View inside steeple

Vince climbing inside steeple

FINALLY made it to the top! WHEW

View from Observation deck
View from observation deck

View of top of church, the back portion.

Church Organ


View of the nave.

Close up of the crucifix hanging above the nave.

View of the Nave from the front of the church.

View of the church from the nave. 

Being in this church in Ulm brought my friend Mike Ulmer to mind.  I wondered what he would sound like in a church this big!!  

Our final destination for the evening was Fussen, Germany.  We stayed at Ruchti's hotel.  Our views were fabulous and I ate my first German meal.  

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