Monday, June 23, 2014

Bangkok Thailand, Day Two

On our second day in Bangkok, we again enjoyed the fabulous breakfast buffet provided  by the hotel.  The we took a taxi to the Prantimum market.  There, we saw much of the same types of goods as yesterday, but in greater abundance and variety.  


We purchased several gifts for the family, along with two skirts for me!  Vince and I also found another carved elephant to traipse around our home!  We did seek some air-conditioned refuge in a McDonald's though.  There, in the Cafe, we had sweet lemon tea.  Once we had reduced our body temperatures and rehydrated ourselves, we continued our journey along the streets of Bangkok.  
Pedestrian walkway over the street.  Note the number of wires and how close they are!
Tuk-Tuk.  We did not ride in one of these! 

Vince playing Thai Chess with some taxi drivers on the street

Thai Chess has some different moves.  The drivers were very helpful, even though they spoke No English!

Vince caught on fairly well. 

View from pedestrian walkway of the city

Interesting building

Since I had a 2:00 fitting appointment, we had to head back to the hotel, so we flagged a taxi and we were off!
The driver from the tailor's was prompt and we were whisked off for my jacket fitting.  I was pleasantly surprised that the jacket was just as I had imagined.  Well, except for the foam shoulder pads.  I had those removed and again told the tailor that I did NOT want any type of button or closure.  The jacket fell just past my hips and the sleeves were long and loose.  I was quite happy.  We left with a promise that the jacket would be delivered to our hotel that evening. 

We were driven back to our hotel (I could get used to being driven around and having doors opened for me!), where we took advantage of the pool on the 21st floor.
On our arrival, we were guided to our choice of chaise lounge chairs, our towels were laid out for us and we were presented with a tray of iced juice and water.  Lovely!  The pool water was warm and clear.  Swimming up in the sky in the middle of a bustling city is a unique experience.

We also chatted a bit with the British lady we had met at dinner the first night we were here, all of us Sharing the wonderful times we were having.  

After showering and changing, we left in search of the Secret Garden restaurant we had spotted down the road from our hotel.  We wanted to find a local establishment in hopes of finding a less expensive and fancy dinner!
Wow!  We found the right place.  The Secret garden had fantastic service and wonderful food.  The food was much less spicy than either of our previous two dinners.  The server had brought small condiment jars to the table with a variety of spicy concoctions in them.  We sampled some, sniffed others, but did not indulge further.  
I decided to have dessert (the Secret Garden was a Cafe AND Bakery!). the "menu" was a tray showing actual samples of the different cakes.  
I chose the Monkey crepe cake and Vince had the original Creme Crepe Cake.  Mine had banana filling and a caramel drizzle.  Vince's had Creme filling.  Both were fabulous.
We returned to the Banyon Tree very satisfied and full.
We were quite fatigued at this point, but had to await the delivery of my jacket, so we packed up our items for our departure the following morning.  
When my jacket was delivered, I tried it on and found it to be a perfect fit!  It is fully lined, and looks marvelous!  I hated to fold it to pack it in my luggage.  

In the morning, we had breakfast delivered to our room.  It was not nearly as wonderful as the buffet, but at least we were able to eat before leaving for the airport.  Our cab was awaiting us at the front door,our luggage was loaded and we were wished safe journeying.
Our arrival,  check in, and passport inspection was smooth and quick.  We found our gate and were treated to an interesting spectacle.  At first I thought the strange man in the white shirt and pants was part of the small group, but as we watched him rant about the British and the fact that he was British, no Scottish... No something of a mix, well, I began to see he was a bit off.  As he walked away, he tossed his small carry on bag in the air and shouted "whee".  He then capered a bit on the moving sidewalk.  The two young girls he had been talking to wanted to know why we did not save them from that looney!  They also informed us that his passport has no name on it, just XXXXX.  
On that note, I excused myself to search for coffee and a beverage  for Vince.  I wandered a bit after my purchases, trying to find a flat patch or decal representing Thailand to add to our collage.  No luck.  Interestingly, I also did not see any shot glasses that Jean wants.  I commented on this to Vince.  He agreed that the airports have not had the typical souvenirs in the form of shot glasses.  Neither did any of the market stalls or shops in Bangkok that we visited.  Sorry Jean, you are not getting your request filled this trip.
We also found no crunchie bars!  

Our flight stops in Helsinki, Finland for a one hour layover, before continuing  onto Rome.  

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