Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lake Lyell, Dreaming, alpacas and Kangaroos

Our cabin at Eagle View Escape is called Dreaming and it is truly a dream!  We have all we need: a bed, small sitting area, shower and jacuzzi, and small kitchen.  The walls on two sides are 
all glass, with two sliding doors leading out to a deck.  The facility will provide meal baskets, which enabled us 
to cook our own breakfasts at our leisure.  That was nice...we could sleep in and not worry about any one else's eating 

Our first night, we just slept.  We woke up late the next day to see happy creatures dancing on the lawn!  
The alpacas were snacking, we also saw magpie birds.  We are working on identifying the others, but one is the Eastern Rosella,
another is  the Forest Kingfisher, and the Kookaburra. 

We wandered into the town of Lithgow to solve a few of our technology issues mainly recharging our devices!  We were able to find just what 
We needed to charge our iPads and my camera as well as obtain a portable charger.  
We had lunch at a great local eatery called CJ's.   
We had a grand time doodling on the paper table cover.  

The food was great and the service very friendly.  In chatting with the server, we found out that a local singer was performing that night, so we planned to return for dinner.  
We wandered around town a bit more, visited with our happy creatures and returned to CJ's for our evenings entertainment. 
The singer was really good, she sang a lot of songs we knew as well as some local favorites.  
Our first full day was relaxing and allowed us to absorb the culture.  

We encountered an Alpaca Jam on our way out the following morning:  


We were up early and out in search of the Glow Worm Tunnel.
The tunnel eluded us, however.  Our "tourist" brochures did not provide accurate information regarding directions or road 
conditions or needed preparations for the walk.  We wandered around the back trails of the Blue Mountains in a vehicle
that was not well suited for those roads!  We wandered about and did manage to find the town of Newnes.,_New_South_Wales.


We visited with the owner of the Newnes hotel, which has cabins available to stay in, with all the same amenities as our cabin.  
There is a lot of great history there.  Thanks to him, we found the error of our ways and realized we would NOT be seeing the glow worm tunnel on this trip.  
The entrance we were looking for was over an hour away from where we were, and we were not driving the right type of vehicle to drive the roads leading up to the 
tunnel entrance.  The roads were unpaved and with our "low to the ground" sporty vehicle, it was not to be.  Hopefully next time!  

 We stopped in the little town of Portland, where local artists have recreated old advertising signs on the buildings.  The town was almost void of life.  We did manage to find a place to
get a hamburger and chips, which, while HUGE, were very tasty!  

We ambled back to Eagle View so we could walk down to Lake Lyell before dark,
then ventured up to the main reception area to use their WiFi!  

Lake Lyell

Interesting tree!

Dreaming Cabin

front of Dreaming

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