Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Vacation Days 25 to 30

It has been a very busy week!  Mostly I sewed!  Tuesday morning, Janice and Marilyn came over to sit and stitch.  We laughed, chatted and sewed.  It was wonderful fun.

I had intended to work on Jennifer's quilt, but that kept me in a separate room, so I opted to sit in the big room and cut out another quilt.  3 years ago, I attended the Paducah Quilt show and purchased this really fabulous quilt kit.  Well, I finally started cutting it out.  It is a variation on a log cabin block but there are 4 different block styles so there is a lot of measuring and cutting of different sized strips.  I managed to cut up 4 fabrics for their blocks, out of 10 fabrics.  I guess I have some work to do.

Jennifer's quilt blocks

After quilting, we ventured out for lunch, then up to Jackson so I could pick up the Car Club T-shirts and show photos from Murry.  We stopped at the local quilt shop, It's Sew Easy, and Marilyn was hooked!  She purchased fabric for a bed runner she wants to make and that will be her first quilted item.  I found some fantastic fabric featuring Singer treadle machines that I will use to cover my new "ironing board".
Janice found a wonderful batik that has many bright colors, and will be perfect for her T-shirt quilt.

new ironing board fabric!

Off we went to Lowes, where Janice finished designing and organizing the new wooden floors for her house.  I finally picked out tile for the downstairs bathroom.  It was tough loading it into my truck.  Fortunately, I had the Lowes employee AND the kindness of another gentleman who just happened to be walking by.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Wednesday and Thursday, I spent more time working on Jennifer's quilt.  The blocks became rows, and the rows became a central square. 

Jennifer's quilt without borders

 Friday, Marilyn came over again, I had the initial borders already on Jennifer's quilt, and since Marilyn was working on her first quilt, I sat in the big room again so I could help her out.  While she was working on a step, I stitched some placemats intended to be door prizes at next year's Bunny Run Car Show.  These placemats have been cut out and partially completed since last year.  It is just one more task I want to accomplish this summer.  I now have 5 sets finished.  Only 3 more sets left that are cut and unfinished. 

Jennifer's quilt with two borders.  One more to go!

Bunny Run Car Show placemats

Earlier this week, Terracycle had sent me two emails offering an additional 100 points each.  I only had to provide photos of my collection stations for the Beauty Brigade and the Candy Wrapper Brigade.  Well, since school is long over, my collection stations are very dismantled.  I had to get creative! I actually created two short movies using photos I took.  Here are just two of them.  

Saturday, I had to meet two buyers in town, so I decided it would be a good day to stop by my classroom to see how all was.  When I approached the school, I could see piles of furniture in the hall ways.  I figured they were still cleaning.  I entered anyway and found that several of the rooms in our hall are cleaned and the floors waxed, not all and not the hallway.  My room is done.  SO, I spent a little time contemplating placement of the shelves and my work station.  I will need the handtruck to move furniture around!  Since I have a filing cabinet to move in, I decided to wait and take care of all of that at the same time. 

Upon arrival home, I continued to work on the placemats and Jennifer's quilt. 

Two other items I accomplished are to get Vince to rehang some framed photos: 

And this darling I picked up at Goodwill, it just caught my eye..a black wire wall hanging.  I did not initially know what I was doing with it, but then realized the little rings would work very well to hold photos.  Thus it now hangs on the wall in my small studio, holding photos of my friends and family!

I am sure there are many other small activities I have left out, but here are the highlights!
Next week:  Off to Energy Camp with Whitney and possibly a quilt retreat!

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