Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Vacation Days 21 to 24

Well, it has been a very busy few days!  Once again, I neglected to post daily since Friday, so I have to give you a jumbled mix of this weekend's activities. 
Actually, I am a bit surprised that it is Tuesday evening already.  Once again, I feel as if I have accomplished very little over the past few days.  Let us see what has occurred.

I picked up my vacuum from the repair shop again.  It is working much better.  The problem is a design flaw, so I have to live with it until it fails again then we will spend the extra money on a more permanent fix.  It does work quite well, and I was finally able to vacuum all of the carpets in the house.  Thankfully, we have wooden floors in about half the house (the part we spend most time in) and that is easily swept with my nifty straw broom.  Did I tell you that the broom was hand made here in Selmer Tennessee?  Hockaday brooms (http://hhbrooms.com/) has a broom corn festival every year and they demonstrate the making of these brooms.  I went last September and purchased my kitchen broom.  It is marvelous! 

 Saturday, Janice and I had our joint yard sale.  As always, she has more stuff to sell than I ever will.  I did very well for my collected items.  I sold more than half of what I brought there and thanks to a new facebook page for selling items locally, I have sold several more.  Mom and I plan to go to Jackson to trade in our books, possibly next week.  My garage is quite neat now, but still full of boxes.  In fact, I brought home several boxes of items. 

Janice had these really nice die cast metal cars and trucks that Vince and I  bought to use as door prizes for the Bunny Run Car Show in April.  As members of the club, we are responsible for contributing 10 door prizes each year.  Last year we brought in fishing lures.  They were not such a big hit.  Usually I make car related fabric placemats, but did not have time to finish those before the show.  However, for the next three years or more, we are set.  The cars and the placemats I plan to finish this summer will keep our door prize commitment met. 

I also brought home an antique wash stand. It needs a really good cleaning, but it is a very nifty addition.  Right now, I have my large pasta bowl in it.  I thought it added to its character!  
I also brought home several boxes of picture frames that Janice was going to take to the dump as they had not sold.  I rescued them, brought them home and will get those up for sale within the next two weeks. 

I worked  a little on Jennifer's baby quilt.  I have all of the small pieces sewn into 9.5 inch squares and managed to complete one entire row!  

Today, Janice, Marilyn and I had or sewing/quilting time this morning.  Janice was cutting out another quilt top and while I intended to work on Jennifer's quilt, I felt rude sitting at my machine in the adjacent room while she sat in the big room.  So, I pulled out a quilt kit I had purchased several years ago and began cutting that new quilt out.  (it is on the list of projects!!)  So, we all sat around my studio, cutting and sewing and chatting! 

We then took a field trip to Jackson (after lunch of course!).  I met up with Sherry to sell her an old sewing box that I had
Then I stopped at Serra of Jackson to pick up the Bunny Run Car Show photos and some additional T-Shirts for the quilt I am making for next year's show. 

Our journey took us to the quilt store where Marilyn was hooked!  She loved the fabric there and purchased items to make her first quilt.  We will work on that later this week.  I purchased some nifty fabric with treadle machines on it.  I plan to use it to cover my new ironing board (which was originally a table, and now serves as my 'big board' ironing board). 

We also stopped at Lowes where I purchased tiles for the downstairs bathroom floor.  Since we had the septic backup a few months ago, the floor has been just concrete.  The only task to complete in that room is the floor.  SO, Mom and I plan to work on that this weekend.  Vince will only be needed to either teach me how to use the tile saw or cut the tiles himself! 

Well that wraps up the past few days!

I am enjoying the journey!

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