Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Vacation Days 19 and 20

I just commented to my mother in law that I have not done anything the past two days.  She said I did a lot.  Let us see: 

I picked up my dry cleaning and dropped off a tie of Vince's that has a drool stain on it. 
I picked up my prescription.
I sold two books on and dropped those off at the post office.
I renewed the registration for Vince's Pontiac at the county clerk's office.
I took the plastic recycling to the dump, picked up the bag of chip bags they collected for me and snagged a cork out of a wine bottle in the glass recycling container as well as a couple of egg cartons from the plastic container!
I had lunch with Whitney in town, since I only ate half of my Subway sandwich, I saved the other half for dinner, then left it in my car overnight.  So that was tossed in the trash! ewwww IT WAS YUCKY!
I also cleaned out the pantry.  Boy was that a chore!  I managed to eliminate some Tupperware containers in favor of canning jars.  Thus I added more items to yard sale pile for Saturday.  I also found that I have 9 brand new Yankee Candle Jars in the pantry. 
I joined a new Facebook group here in town which is aimed at giving items away for free.  Freecycle is not very active here.  I have found homes for the box full of Cardboard shipping tubes, all of my old candles (not the ones in jars) and the extra glassware left over from the anniversary party. 
I uploaded the anniversary photos to Shutterfly and ordered some copies for friends and family. 
I cleaned out my fabric stash, sorting out small fabric pieces for my dear friend Debbie's postage stamp quilt.  I also managed to put together two bags of fabric for a charity quilter in Memphis whom I will meet up with in the coming weeks.
Tomorrow is the yard sale, and I know that I am more than ready to part with these items in my garage!

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