Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Several months ago, I was given two parakeets. I loved the idea of having birds so much that for Christmas, we purchased a larger aviary and added to our flock.

There are now 6 parakeets residing in our aviary! Here are three of them just hanging out:

From left to right you can see Blackie, Lute and Mellow.

In the photo below, you can see Yellow, Bird and Captain Bluebeak. Bird and Captain just lost their pinfeathers and you can see that Bird's head feathers are still white, while Captain's are turning yellow.

They are all an interesting blend of colors, which is one of the aspects that I love about them!

They can be noisy--chattering and yelling at each other, but I have found that playing classical music helps to keep them calmer.

Today, I introduced some turkey into their diet--the second photo above shows the white dish with this treat on it. They are on their second helping. Next will be fruits and veggies (but I have to go grocery shopping first!)

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