Monday, March 12, 2012

600 Items (# 38, 39 and 40)

Today, I made a long awaited sale on A DVD of Sommersby has now found a new home! (all say YAY!). Item number 38:
As I was searching for packaging material, I realized that I use new envelopes that were sent to me years ago by Terracycle. For a while, Terracycle had a glitch in their system. This glitch resulted in them mailing me a package of 4 recycling envelopes every week! Since I did not have a shipment to send out every week, let alone 4, I have quite a stash.

So, since these envelopes are all brand new, never used, does the envelope also count as an item purged?? I am holding off on that decision right now.

Items number 39 and 40 are the bike that I gave to Whitney and the bike chain that I will give her tomorrow.

I also identified several more items for the yard sale, which is scheduled for April 21st.

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