Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We HAVE become foster parents!

These two puppies have made their way to the base where Vince works. They were scrawny and obviously had been abandoned at the airport. The crew members have kept them outside (not allowed inside the base!) but have been trying to fatten them up a bit with food.

Now, we need to find them homes!

The lighter one is a girl, the darker one a boy. They are believed to be brother and sister and get along quite well. Vince said they play together and sleep together and are just adorable!

We will probably be their foster parents until we find them new homes. They cannot stay at the base, so when Vince leaves work today, he may have some company!

UPDATE: The pups are officially here. Their names are Bell (the female) and Ranger (the male) after the helicopter that Air-Evac flies. They are very energetic and playful. They will bark when Kashmir and Narnia bark, but they do not bark incessantly for no reason. They are eating well and often as we try to fatten them up a bit---their ribs are still showing a bit too much.
There is no sign of any illness or problem-- ears and eyes are clear, poop is normal!
Right now, they are sitting outside the window peering in at me, hoping I will take pity on them!

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Sherry said...

Awwwwe! Good luck with them. They look sweet.