Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Old.......

In January, my friend Jena asked me if I could do some repairs on a quilt of her husband's. We met for lunch and then she introduced me to her husband's quilt. It was made by his grandmother and he now wants to preserve it.

I looked at this and I knew that there was no way to repair it. The back looks bad, too.

I told Jena that I would probably have to salvage large blocks out of the quilt and create a new one from these blocks.
When I got it home, and really looked at it, I realized that it would be hard to do.

I did manage to salvage 5 Twelve inch blocks from the quilt. It was hard working around the extensive damage and paint splatters. The original top was one solid piece of fabric. The original quilter used what looks like a thin blanket as batting (nothing at all like any batting I know of) and then a solid piece of fabric for the backing. I wanted to keep as much of the original quilting as I could in the blocks, and given the fragile state of the quilt, I left the three layers together when I cut my 12 inch blocks.

Then I searched and found three fabrics that would complement the colors in the quilt. Today, I finished putting the new quilt top together!


The Green Cat said...

That looks great!! Was the original pieced or one solid fabric? I can't tell from the photo. Was any of the original quilting still in it? Your new top is beautiful. You've done a great job!

CC said...

Cat, your comments made me realize I had left that information out of the post!! So, I updated it. I left the original quilting in to keep as much of Maurice's grandmother in the quilt as possible.

Thanks for the compliments!