Friday, April 1, 2011

Farewell Ranger!

Today we found a new home for Ranger! It was a tearful goodbye for all of us!

Ranger and Bell and I took a ride, as the family wanted to meet both pups before making a final decision. The little girl liked Ranger best, perhaps because he was the smaller of the two..who knows. Regardless, Ranger left with his new family and Bell and I went shopping.

Only for dog food.

When I returned to the truck, Bell was making herself at home on the rear seat of the truck, having hopped over the seats from the cargo section!

She road home with her head hanging down between the seats...perhaps out of loneliness, perhaps out of curiosity. She was a bit mopey at first when we arrived home, but seems okay now.

This will be her first night alone in quite some time.

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