Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plastic baggies!

As a school teacher, I often have a need for many small bags that will close. Thus the "Zippered" baggie. It can hold a wonderful assortment of items and at a glance, I can tell what is in there. I use them over and over again, saving them until they are as unfunctional as possible.

Once their usefulness has expired, the question is: What do I do with them?

I do not want to just toss it into the non-existent land of "Away". After all, we all know there is not "Away" !!

Nor do I want it to become part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Thankfully Terracycle and SC Johnson & Company (ZipLoc Bags) have devised a way to keep these bags out of our landfills, our forests, our streets, our oceans.......

Every time you use a Ziploc® product - any type of bag or container - you can help save it from being discarded into a landfill by sending it to TerraCycle.
You all know that I have been working with Terracycle for more than a year now, and my class in school works hard to collect items that Terracycle Upcycles into new products. I am glad that I was accepted into their Home Storage Brigade (which is open only to schools)

Some key points about this brigade:
1.) Only schools can join this brigade and since I have joined, you can save the baggies for me and I will send them in.
2.) They will take any brand baggies or storage containers and in any condition (peanut butter residue included!)
3.) Participation in the Home Storage Brigade™ is completely free - there are no sign-ups fees and all the shipping is covered by the program.
4.) Also, for each approved bag or container received, 2¢ will be paid to my school.

I have requested a product created from this brigade to review and blog about. I will then create a giveaway for that product. Watch future blogs for information about that!

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TerraCycle said...

Thank You, Colette, for posting this and being an apart of TerraCycle's Blogger Club! :)