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Our second stop in Germany was in Garmisch Partenkirchen.   It is a lovely town nestled in the Alps, with glorious views all around.  Our temporary home was the Edleweiss Hotel. 

Views of the Alps

Views of the Alps

House on the hill

More Alps Views

Small villages dot the valleys between the mountains

The valleys are green and peaceful

Valley between the mountains

Many houses are also nestled on the mountains

Our first morning, we traveled a short distance to the Zugspitze, which is Germany's highest mountain.  It is  2,962 meters above sea level, and is home to three glaciers and Germany’s highest ski resort.
 We took a cable car ride to the top and were able to see some great views.  It was very cloudy, which prevented us from seeing much in the distance, but it was still breath-taking and awe inspiring!  We were also able to walk back and forth between Germany and Austria!
Eibsee lake
Eibsee lake


side of mountain

cables on our car disappearing into the fog!
Dog and Bear and their new friend

There was a huge pile of snow on the observation deck. 

Delicious German Apple Strudel with Vanilla sauce. 

Views off the observation deck

Views off the Observation deck

Views off the Observation deck

Views off the Observation deck

Standing on the Austrian side of the mountain. 

Bear and Dog enjoying the view

Small church on the glacier
Inside the small church it was very beautiful

Riding the wooden snow mobile

Views on the way back down the mountain

Views on the way back down the mountain

This is our wonderful rental car--Moly

We drove back into town and explored the downtown area.  We had discovered that
Garmisch-Partenkirchen  was the town that composer Richard Strauss called home.  To celebrate his birthday, the town has a festival every year.  We had arrived in time for this musical festival and on our walk downtown, we went to the ticket office and purchased tickets for an orchestral performance.  At the time, we did not know much about Richard Strauss, but thanks to YouTube and the internet, familiarized ourselves with some of his work and I recognized a few pieces. 

Also when we were downtown, I found the fabric store I planned to visit!  It was just there, on the corner, waiting for me.  Grasegger's is not primarily a fabric shop, they custom make drindl's, a traditional dress for German women.  The clothing in this shop was fabulous, beautiful and priced accordingly!  (out of my price range!)   Fortunately, I was interested in purchasing cottons for my quilt.  Once again, Vince was very helpful in picking out fabrics.  Once again, I believe he was just trying to make sure I did not spend too much time or money in the store!  

The shop was beautifully organized.

All of these cottons were fun just to look at.

I loved how they were color coordinated. 

 We had dinner and then ate some fabulous ice cream cones as we walked back to the hotel for the night.

The next morning, we were up early for our trek to Munich.  It was a lovely drive through the mountain.  Our destination was the town hall, where the Glockenspiel brings in each new hour with a musical display!  The musical performance went on for more than 10 minutes.  We were there at 12:00 Noon, so perhaps it was a longer display because of the time.  It is hard to imagine working near this beautiful clock and hearing it play this musical performance every hour!  It was very hard to get a good video of the clock, but we did get some wonderful still shots of the building.  Additionally, there were two mimes in the square who were extremely entertaining!  The one we were standing near appeared to be a bronze statue/fountain.  When a person would walk up to him, he would move slightly and pretend to pour water on the person's head.  The other mime appeared to be a marble statue.  Whenever someone approached her, she would move gracefully and blow kisses! 
Square in front of the Glockenspiel


The figures on the top are the king and queen, watching a jousting match. 
On the bottom are dancers who dance with joy when their knight
wins the joust!
This mime looked like a marble statue!

Vince drove 123 MPH on the autobahn

Remember the Alpaca Jam in Australia?  This is a Bovine Jam!

We thought this sign for Tennsee, was amusing! 
Hotel Edelweiss

We ended our evening back in Garmish, with a fabulous dinner and then the Richard Strauss Concert.  We were pleased with the music and I enjoyed the orchestra very much.  The pieces played were rather long and we did find it odd that the audience did not applaud in between the pieces, nor did the orchestra or conductor seem to expect any.  It was unusual!  

Thursday, we arose early (yes, again!) and made our way to the Partnach Gorge.  The Gorge was declared a natural monument in 1912.  The walkway takes you right along the Partnach river.  It is loaded with waterfalls, rapids and beautiful rock formations.  

There were also tunnels to walk through
the river looking back into the gorge area

When we reached the end of the gorge there was a riverbed
just filled with rock towers!

Olympic ski jump at the Olympic Stadium

After we left the gorge, we drove to Oberammergau.Oberammergau is well known for woodcarving and the Passion Play.

 There we visited the shop of Toni Baur     
There were rooms FULL of beautiful nativity sets

The details were awesome

The room of crucifixes was a little overwhelming!

We liked the climbing men so much, we bought one home!

This dog reminded us of Lizzie!

Front of Pilate house

Front of house including gardens

side of house

side of house

The town performs The Passion Play every 10 years.  It is a major event and one that everyone is involved in.  There are glorious frescos painted on the buildings throughout the town.  In particular is Pilate's house.    

Our last day in Germany, we decided to try and see if the view from Zugspitze was any clearer, so UP the mountain we went again!  It was just as exciting as the first time, and fortunately, there were less clouds and more mountains to see!

This is one of my favorite views.  The sign on the right lets you know that New York is 6504 kilometers away.  Can you see it??  :)

 Thus ends our Germany adventure.  It was a wonderful combination of nature and culture and history.  We spent a lot of time in Germany, but it is not enough. 

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