Saturday, July 26, 2014


When Narnia died back in March, our hearts were broken.  Not just mine and Vince's, but Kashmir's also.  It was so hard to see her grieve for her sister.


Kashmir and Narnia as young dogs!

We knew we wanted to get another dog, as we love having dogs in the house.  We just were not ready.  However, watching Kashmir mope around the house convinced us that she needed a companion sooner than later. 

We registered with the Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue organization (MAGRR).  We knew the approval  process would take a while, and this would allow us time to watch the site for a dog we would like to adopt.  It took quite a few months for our final approval and during that time, we adopted Isabella (Bella for short) from the High Forest Rescue organization in Hohenwald, TN.  We do not know much about Bella's background other than she was a pregnant stray when High Forest took her in. 
She is about 3 years old, a Golden Retriever mix.  She is afraid of many things:  loud noises, sudden movements, anything over her head, anything that is out of place, and big things, and she is storm phobic.  She ran away twice in the first week we had her, necessitating three baths.  However, she did come home after the last romp.

She has improved a lot since her arrival here.  She will go outside and come in with little problem, she will play and has been getting along with Kashmir nicely.  She has a Thunder Shirt that she wears during storms and the 'collar of compliance' that we simply put on her and she goes or does whatever we need her to do.  I do not know what magic the collar has, but it gives Bella confidence! 

Now we have Reagan!  Once we finally had our home study for MAGRR, we were able to meet and adopt Reagan in less than two weeks.  Reagan is about 5 years old, and very active.  Her foster mother described her as a 'velcro dog', which apparently means she sticks by your side!  I have found that to be very true.  Everywhere I go in the house, Reagan follows! 

 Initially, there was quite a bit of growling and some pushing and fighting when the three dogs were together, but that seems to have calmed down.  Reagan also likes to eat.  A lot.  She will finish her food and then go for the other dog's food bowls.  I have to watch Reagan carefully.  Yesterday, Janice and I went to PetSmart and bought two additional elevated bowl stands.  Each one is very different so that each dog can learn their own bowls.  They are also in three separate locations.  You can see Bella with her bowl stand in the photo below. 

 Reagan is also having problems remembering that Outside is where she is supposed to pee and poop.  We are working on that too.  However, considering the fact that Reagan has only been part of the family for two days now, she is fabulous!  She is a lot of fun to play with, she is getting along with both Bella and Kashmir now and we have a house full of dogs! 
Reagan, Bella and Kashmir

Reagan, Bella and Kashmir

I LOVE my expanded family! 

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