Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Thoughts on this Sunday Morning

I did not get up for church today.

I stayed in bed, sleeping and alternately reading until about 11:30 this morning.  I did not want to get up. 

I am tired all the time, my joints ache, my back and shoulder are sore and I get numbness in my fingers.  I cannot sit for a long period of time without having pain upon arising. 

The holidays are almost here and I find myself wishing for bygone times, when my father was still alive and Christmas meant time spent with him. 

I am working through my piles of ungraded papers, mostly writing assignments (one of the banes of teaching reading and English).  I am making progress, but it is hard to read something a student wrote in pencil and then colored over in purple crayon! 

Time for a little reflection to improve my emotional mood. 

Yesterday was a wonderful day, spent with friends in Memphis.  The original intention was to return a Fitbit Flex that I purchased and found was incompatible with my computer operating system AND my iPad.:(
We each added a return or need before we even reached the Wolfchase Mall. 

We had a great time, laughing and sharing stories, talking about all types of incidents and events in our recent lives.  We all managed to make our returns or visit the stores outside the mall for various needs.  I had the most fun in Target, where I purchased items for the 4 children I am sponsoring from our High School Angel Tree.  These are children in our own little community who need a little help at the holidays.  I love picking out clothing and a toy or book for a child. 

Upon hitting the mall, we split up and Whitney and I wandered to pick out presents for my mother, who needs a few more warmer clothes.  We had a great time at the clearance rack at Penney's!  Since Mom does best with short sleeved tops, we found several at rock bottom prices!  Thanks Whitney. 

We also played in the toy store for a while, where I did pick up a new travel journal for the 'Trip Around the World" planned for next summer.  It is a simple black journal, but one that will work nicely for all the countries we will visit. 

So, other than a few items I plan to purchase through On-line stores, my holiday shopping is finished.  That brings a sense of completion.  The joy of wrapping and giving is yet to come. 

Holidays often make me melancholy, as I remember holidays of the past.  Our celebrations have changed, and I love that our family still gathers, even though the gathering includes different people.  I wish those who are missing from our celebration would concede to join us once in a while. 

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