Sunday, February 26, 2012

600 Items

We are adding an addition onto the house. This is a shot of the outside. This is where the new wing will be built. The window to the right is the bathroom window. Just beyond that is the window to the guest room.

Once built, the new wing will have a kitchen, living room and bedroom. The existing bathroom will be enlarged for her use as well.

My mother-in-law will be residing in the guest room until the new wing is built.

Yesterday, Vince informed me that the addition will add 600 square feet to the house. I said we should get rid of 600 items, one for each square foot.

He laughed.

I am going to track what we accomplish.

The basic rules:
1. Items purchased will count against this 600. So we should avoid buying anything else!
2. Trash and recycling do not count.
3. Consumables do not count.

I have started an excel spreadsheet to track and count what is removed. I will also attempt to document through words and photos how this experiment evolves!

Yesterday, I did sell two purses at the Expo, so that is a start. I just posted two items on Ebay last night and I have several items listed on Craigslist as well. I also have a load of boxes in the garage for the March/April yard sale, so I will be counting those items then!

Hopefully, I can motivate my spouse to go through his stash of boxes in the guestroom closet and in the garage!!!

Sunday UPDATE: Huge thank you to Jennifer for taking 22 children's books from my library for use in her classroom! She is also the proud owner of a new tote bag!
Now the total is up to 25 items!

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